Point, scroll & control – meet LG’s Magic Remote

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You did it! You’ve finally bought a big-screen LG SUHD TV. It’s sleek. Smart. Curved. It even runs webOS 2.0… but what else is in the box?

It’s easy to overlook a remote. They’re just buttons used to flick between channels or to program the main feature – your brilliant new TV. But then again, your everyday remote is not a LG Magic Remote.

With a Magic Remote, you can navigate through a world of entertainment and even use voice commands to find your favourite shows and series.

It’s intuitive, with its point, scroll, gesture or voice commands that when used correctly, really makes you feel more like you’re wielding some sort of magic wand.

Imagine being able to speak to your TV and tell it what you want. It’s now a possibility. In fact, LG’s Magic Remote was the first TV controller on the market to incorporate a microphone.

[su_pullquote align=”right”]LG Magic Remotes include Natural Language Recognition software which makes voice commands easier, more familiar and – most importantly – more accurate.[/su_pullquote]

With a LG Magic Remote, you have four different but complementary control options: Voice, Gesture, Point and Wheel.

Have you ever played a heated tennis tournament on a Nintendo Wii? Or used a PlayStation Move motion controller?

“Point” pretty much does the same thing, turning a LG Magic Remote into an extension your hand. It’s just like a motion-sensitive videogame controller.

“Wheel” is ideal if you’re using your TV to connect to the ‘net. Similar like a mouse, wheel control is ideal for scrolling through web pages or for zooming in/out within apps.

And with LG’s predetermined Magic Remote “Gestures”, you can quickly and easily pull up frequently-used menus or perform common functions… there’s also a few cool (and definitely less common!) things to learn with Gestures – our favourite by far is being able to switch TV channels by drawing a number in the air.

It’s a control, a cursor, and so much more.

Looking for a specific LG Super UHD TV that comes with a Magic Remote? Our top three picks are the LG 55UG870T, the LG 55UF950T and the LG 55UF850T.

To find out more information about all of LG’s sleek and smart TVs, click here.



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