Now you can send money from SA to Zim via EcoCash on your phone

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If you have family or friends living in Zimbabwe and often have to send money to them, you may be pleased to know that EcoNet Wireless‘s EcoCash mobile money service and MoneyGram are now offering an alternative, easier option to do just that.

Econet Wireless, Zimbabwe’s biggest mobile operator, has partnered with global money transfer service provider, MoneyGram, to allow customers from over 200 countries to send cash to 4.9 million EcoCash subscribers in the Southern African country.

Previously, to access funds via MoneyGram, one could only go to an agent location, which often left those living in remote and rural locations in Zimbabwe out, the launch of this service now adds a more easily accessible way to do so.

Recipients can collect cash at any of the 20 000 EcoCash locations across Zimbabwe. EcoCash users in Zimbabwe can also transfer money outside the country to any of the MoneyGram agents around the globe.

“With the service, we are offering millions of consumers, many in remote areas of the country, access to a fast, reliable and secure method of transferring money, much of which is used to purchase life essentials and daily expenses,” Herve Chomel, MoneyGram’s vice president for Africa, said in a statement today.

“We have a strong presence in Zimbabwe’s digital environment and we are excited to link up with MoneyGram to utilise the company’s global footprint and bring more options to our consumers,” added Douglas Mboweni, CEO of Econet Wireless.