Loved the Quicksilver scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past? Here’s more done in Fallout 4

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If you’ve seen X-Men: Days of Future Past, then you’ve seen the amazing scene featuring Quicksilver. If you haven’t or want to see it again, allow us to refresh your memory:

That, friends, is Quicksilver, the canonical son of Magneto with the superpower to run really, really fast. Fast enough to kind of  freeze time and mess around with authority figures to the tune of Time in a Bottle by Jim Croce.

Unfortunately, this awesome character was criminally underused in the movie, probably because he could defeat everyone on his own, but more likely because scenes like the one above suck up all the CGI budget.

Luckily, we have more for you thanks to some mods in Fallout 4 which allow a player to pull off stunts like the above. YouTube channel EzPlays shows it off.

The mod in question is the aptly-named ‘Bullet Time” which you can download for free from Nexus Mods. But you will need to spend some time in the character creator if you want to make yourself look like the hero.

While this video and mod are great and could stand as a story on their own, we’re writing about them today because the new X-Men movie, X-Men: Apocalypse, launches this Friday in SA and both the mod and the video tie into it quite nicely. We’ve already seen the movie and you can read our review here.

Without spoiling anything (Quicksilver is on the movie’s poster after all), you will be seeing more great scenes involving the character. But “great” may be an understatement, because those scenes put the rest of the movie’s action to shame, in our opinion.

And after having seen it in the huge IMAX cinema at The Mall of Africa as well, we can safely say IMAX is by far the most jaw-dropping way to watch this flick, if that sort of thing blows your hair back.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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