System Shock remake to receive language support for French, German, Italian and Spanish

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The Kickstarter campaign for the System Shock remake will be coming to French, German , Italian and Spanish, aside from the native English, thanks to reaching a funding stretch goal of $1.2 million (R17 million).

Catching up with this game’s development quickly: developers Nightdive Studios acquired the rights to the venerable franchise and took to Kickstarter to raise the money they needed to develop a remake. After surpassing the initial goal of  $900 000 (R12.9 million), they recently reached a stretch goal for Mac and Linux support, and now they’ve gone even further than that.

In a campaign update, Nightdive Studios acknowledged the goal being met, but provided some sad news for anyone expecting the audio in the game to be in their language: this stretch goal will only mean that all the text in the game will be translated.

As the update reads:

Today we reached our 1.2m stretch goal and localization has been unlocked! Thanks to your efforts, the text in System Shock will be translated to French, Italian, German, and Spanish. Grazie!


With only 36 hours left for the campaign to run at the time of writing, it’s looking increasingly unliking that they will be able to meet the other stretch goals listed above. This may also mean that we’ll never know what the the blurred out additions are at the bottom of the image.

That being said, there may be a surge in backers in the eleventh hour as people scramble to secure themselves a copy of the game or get one of the rewards at the tier backer levels.

As we stated in our previous stories, the only tier worth buying is the one called “HUMAN CORPSE”, in which you’ll pay $350 (R5 200) to be featured in the game as a dead NPC. Who wouldn’t want that?

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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