Shoot ’em up & Paradox Interactive games on sale this weekend

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To celebrate a completely average weekend, Steam is having a sale on games from the shoot ’em up genre as well as publisher Paradox Interactive.

The larger sale is the shoot ’em ups, with 285 titles for you to choose from.

Because of that huge number there’s no way we can list them all here, so we’ll point out some of our favourites.

Enter the Gungeon is selling for only R95.40. We’ve spent 65 enjoyable hours on this title, so it’s more than worth that price. Another good one is Assault Android Cactus, also for R95.40, if you prefer the same amount of shooting without Enter the Gungeon’s rogue elements.

Other games we’ve played and can suggest that we didn’t officially review are titles such as Downwell and Luftrausers. While they’re both short experiences, at R17. 50 and R27.25 each, you won’t mind.

The sale is on from right now until Monday August 5th 2016, at 10 AM PST (7 AM locally).

Go to the Steam Shoot ‘Em Up Sale

Next up is Paradox Interactive with 251 specials. Not all of those are games – there’s a fair amount of DLC for some of Paradox’s bigger titles like Crusader Kings II – so it’s a smaller sale while still being relatively rich in options.

Paradox is known for titles such as Pillars of Eternity, Cities: Skylines and Stellaris which are all on sale for R179.60, R79.75 and R327.20 respectively.

While there is no official mention of an end date to the sale, Steam’s weekend sales usually last until the following Monday evening at  7pm, so make sure to make your purchases in before then just in case this sale follows that pattern as well.

Go to the Paradox Interactive Publisher Weekend Sale

If spending money on games this weekend isn’t appealing to you, remember that the Battlefield 1 Open Beta is still going on and is completely free to download and play, not just those who signed up for Battlefield Insider.

Finally, because it was news to some of us in the office, “shmup” is a contracted form of “shoot ’em up” and is a genre of game and not a kind of Slush Puppy which, admittedly, is exactly what it sounds like.

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