Bash dragons with this 3D print of the steel mace from Skyrim

Our arsenal of 3D printed arms and armour, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is slowly growing with the newest addition of a steel mace.

This 3D print is made up of 16 individual pieces which will need to be glued to a wooden stick to give it a handle. Much like the last weapon from Skyrim we featured, the steel warhammer, you’re not printing out the weapon directly. Rather, you’re creating parts which will turn a humble mop into a prop weapon.

This particular weapon requires a length of wood around 40 centimetres long for the handle, as well as some smaller rods inserted into the top and bottom to give it more rigidity.

You can download the files of this project for free from MyMiniFactory. It’s brought to us by engineer Daniel Lilygreen, who is a seasoned hand when it comes to 3D prints of videogame items. Make sure you check out his profile to see the rest of the designs he has put online for free.

Don’t forget to print the famous horned helmet seen in much of Skyrim’s key art and advertising, which you can also pick up for free.

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