You’ll need more than a box of scraps to 3D print this detailed Iron Man Mark I armour

The Mark I armour Tony Stark creates in the first Iron Man movie (2008) now has a 3D print that looks good enough to rival professionally made figurines.

This 96 part model that took 3 months to design comes to us from Thingiverse user “JarvisWoo” who apparently works for the China Science and Technology Museum. It was created as a way to help kids understand 3D printing when they visit the museum.

Due to the number of parts that were used here, the uploader has chosen to split the print into seven separate downloads, each of which concentrate on one part of the build. They’ve been grouped into a single collection on Thingiverse, where you can download all the parts for free.

Looking at the pictures below, which could easily fit into a gallery from a company like Sideshow, it’s clear that a high-end 3D printer was needed to create such fine details. The description on the models states that it was printed using PLA, so keep those facts in mind if you want to make your own.

While this is a model, we’re sure someone will take the time to scale it up to wearable. It looks like the inner parts of the armour are appropriately hollow, so it’s feasible. We’ve already seen the Mark VI Iron Man armour done as a wearable 3D print, but there’s a certain charm to the hodgepodge Mark I.

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