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Claptrap from Borderlands is back once again, this time as a 3D print

Chaos Core Tech, the same maker channel who has brought us 3D printed versions of Mjolnir, Clank and the spaceship from Futurama, is back with a design from Borderlands.

It is, of course, the ever present Claptrap. A somewhat polarising character, we’re sure you can agree that the robot has a unique design even if you find him irritating.

This version was modelled in Fusion 360 with certain deviations made from the original design to make it work better in real life. The body, for example, was moved down closer to the wheel for added stability. The wires on the arms were another  problem, as they were too thin to 3D print. Instead, actual wiring was used.

You can find the files to make your own Claptrap over on Pinshape. If you do try and make one, hopefully you can finish it before the release of the next Borderlands, as this project was started back in September of last year.

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