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You can 3D print the Elemental Stones from The Fifth Element, just don’t swallow them

While 3D printing stones may seem like a wasteful endeavour, it’s worth the time when it’s the mythical objects from The Fifth Element.

A maker over on Pinshape has uploaded the files that you can download for free to make your own Elemental Stones.

The finished stones you see on this page are apparently 1:1 scale props based off of the ones used in the movie with a lot of care given to the individual cracks and wear marks.

The files print out hollow stones to aid in printing, and we can think of a lot of neat ways to make them look authentic. A filament that mimics stone would be nice, but using these as moulds for cement would create some great looking props. They’re also ideal for printing at a smaller scale for your limited desk space.

Alternatively, a bit outside the box here, fill the cavities on the inside with a salt shaker so you can put popcorn flavouring inside. Poke a few holes in the top and you have some unlicensed shakers from The Fifth Element. Feel free to take that idea, and gives us a 10% kickback after tax.

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