See how 2016’s DOOM compares to its E3 presentation

Last year’s DOOM was full of surprises.

Not only was it one of 2016’s best games, but it proved that id Software could still make award winners, and that an old school FPS could still compete with modern shooters.

The final version of the game that players got also comes with another big surprise: it looks much better than the gameplay demo the world saw at E3 2015.

This is the complete opposite to the norm, with many games from Ubisoft (for example) being slammed upon release for being “downgraded” compared to their marketing material at the big show. So here’s DOOM 2016 synced up as close as possible to its demo, to see how things changed for the better.

Even with a slight loss of features such as those on the Imp enemies mentioned in the video, the release version of the game looks miles better thanks to what looks like better texture and lighting quality.

Aside from the people who worked on the game, kudos must be given to the creator of this video, CrowbCat. We don’t even want to know how many hours of recording it took to remake the demo almost shot for shot and then all the editing work it must have taken to stitch it all together.

Extra points too, as this channel is well known for its videos showing off developers and publishers dropping the ball, such as this one focusing on those Ubisoft downgrades we mentioned earlier. It’s good to see that whoever is behind the channel can put the spotlight on accomplishments as well as failures.

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