EVE Online developer sent bag of dicks

Angry EVE: Online player mails developer a bag of dicks

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Developers and players have a love/hate relationship. While the latter froth at the mouth with excitement when a game meets their expectations, when it doesn’t they can go ballistic.

In the past, developers and publishers have been the recipients of petitions, death threats, twitterstorms, doxing and all manner of internet flame from irate players. But no one has ever sent a developer a bag of dicks… well, until now.

Proving once again that EVE: Online attracts rather unique players, one individual has sent one of developer CCP’s staff a bag of male-member-shaped candy.

The recipient, Brenton Hooper (also known as CCP Larrikin) took to EVE: Online’s subreddit to post some advice to the person who posted the novelty sweets to him. Apparently, if you receive a package in Iceland it has to be sent with an invoice otherwise it’s delayed at customs and, in some instance, officials will open it. Hooper says that this is what happened here.

“I recently received a package,” wrote Hooper. “I hadn’t ordered anything so I asked Customs to open it. I got this email from them:

Hello, Your shipment has been opened and it did not contain an invoice. We need to have an invoice or some kind of receipt that confirms the value of the content to get the shipment cleared through customs. The shipment contains: Two Candy gummy bags in the shape of penises, glitter, penis shaped confetti and a coupon that says “Eat a bag of dicks”. Please send us the invoice (link removed) here. Best regards, Tollmiðlun Póstsins

According to PC Gamer, some of the recent changes in EVE: Online have made players pretty pissed off, so it’s possible they were the reason for this ‘gift’. That having been said, sending a bag of dicks to a developer based in Reykjavik won’t be all that offensive. After all, the city has its own penis museum!


[Source: PC Gamer]