Magic: the Gathering 3D printed Deck Box

3D Printed Magic: The Gathering deck box moves your cards with gears

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We’ve seen a lot of great 3D printed deck boxes for Magic: The Gathering and other card games in the past, but this may be our favourite one yet, featuring a platform which moves the deck up and down.

Maker Martin Ankor created this geared box after seeing a few similar designs on Thingiverse. Those required too many separate parts and metal pins for the hinges, so he decided to make something simpler and completely 3D printed.

Ankor tells us that he came up with the mechanism while on a long drive so the design process in CAD only took a few hours.

What you see here is the second iteration which took 15 hours to print. It measures in at 82.8mm wide, 64.4mm deep and 103.2mm tall.

While there are plans for new additions such as a more complex design and embossed details on the sides, you can download this version from Thingiverse.

There is a promise for updates in the future to accommodate different deck sizes, and you can leave a comment on the files if you’d like to request one ahead of time.

The last Magic: The Gathering deck boxes we featured were these simple customisable variants, and another geared version before that.

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Clinton Matos

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