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Cell C launches low-cost data bundles on black

Cell C has released details about low-cost data bundles that are now available for its streaming media service, black – some of which are so cheap, we had to blink to make sure.

The bundles, named blackData are available to Cell C customers on prepaid and current contract plans including Pinnacle, Connector, SmartData, LTE-A and C-Fibre Connector, and range from 1GB through to 200GB depending on each customer’s needs.

All the blackData bundles are listed below with prices.

Bundle Name Inclusive Data(GB) Bundle Price (incl. VAT) In Bundle Rate Validity
1GB blackData 1 R30.00 R0.03 30 days
2GB blackData 2 R60.00 R0.03 30 days
5GB blackData 5 R150.00 R0.03 30 days
10GB blackData 10 R250.00 R0.02 90 days
20GB  blackData 20 R399.00 R0.02 90 days
30GB blackDATA 30 R599.00 R0.02 90 days
50GB  blackData 50 R799.00 R0.02 180 days
100GB blackData 100 R999.00 R0.01 180 days
200GB blackData 200 R1499.00 R0.01 180 days

Seems nuts, right? Just to put this into perspective, here’s what Cell C usually charges for data bundles:

  • 1GB – R149
  • 2GB – R249
  • 3GB – R299
  • 5GB – R399
  • 10GB – R599
  • 20GB – R799
  • 30GB – R899

In the interest of clarity, Cell C told us that blackData bundles will only be consumed while using black so your streaming data won’t be chewed up by other apps and services.

“The cost of data has often been cited as a barrier to entry for customers wanting to stream or download content using their mobile data,” Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos said.  “The  blackData products will address this challenge. Customers can access data from as little as 1c/MB or R7.50 per gig.”

Cell C’s black is entering a pretty competitive market, but its price just might give it a competitive edge. On top of this, Cell C has announced some Black Friday deals for black (see what they did there) for both contract and pre-paid customers.

SupaCharge, MegaBonus and EasyChat subscribers who spend between R50 and R99.99 will receive 50GB of free data for streaming for two days. If you spend more than that you get 100GB of free streaming data for five days. Pinnacle customers and up get 150GB for black streaming over 30 days.



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