This kinetic sculpture is 3D printed and run by an Arduino

We’ve featured moving 3D prints in the past, but the kinetic sculpture “The Geared Head of Feelings” is probably the most complex.

Comprised of 32 different gears separated into two layers, the mechanism of the build is mostly 3D printed and it resembles a clock on its own.

An outline of a human head is then placed on top of this mechanism allowing some of it to be shown, giving this projects its name.

All those gears are driven by a 12V motor with an Arduino-based board controlling everything. A button cycles through the modes, one of which uses a motion sensor which will only move the gears if someone passes by.

All the files to print out the mechanism and the head outline is available on Thingiverse.

It also comes with a list of materials you’ll need in addition to the printed parts. It suggests a frame from IKEA to house everything, 40 bearings and a few screws.

While it does come with some documentation for assembly and the schematics for the electronics, this is going to be a challenge to put together.

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