How to make a DOOM collectable that plays sound

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The launch of DOOM 2016 on the Nintendo Switch has put the game in the spotlight again, and the maker community has taken another crack at recreating those Doomguy collectable figurines.

Sometimes also called trophy figures, 3D printed versions have existed basically since launch. Zemba Craftworks wanted to create a better version that played the classic music, just like the versions in the game.

The music comes from a basic sound PCB found on Amazon for $5.99. After removing the microphone to record sound directly with an audio jack, it was connected to a small battery and a button. 

For the main print several existing models were used and remixed. A cavity in the large head was added to accommodate the PCB and the battery is hidden inside of the chest.

A speaker grill in the back of the head lets the sound out and the arms and wrists are even articulated.

To make your own you’ll need the files from Thingiverse. The completed examples in the video below took around 20 hours to print.

We’ve embedded Zemba Craftworks’ video to play right at the end so you can see (and hear) the completed figures in action, but we highly suggest that you watch the whole thing.

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Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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