Nintendo is bringing Mario Kart Tour to smartphones

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It looks as though Nintendo is continuing its march to release IPs on smartphones with Mario Kart being next in the pipeline.

According to an announcement on Nintendo of America’s official Twitter account, developers are working on a new mobile application for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) called Mario Kart Tour.

That’s all Nintendo are saying for now, other than the fact it hopes to release the game next year in March. From the sounds of things this is going to be a brand new game rather than a port of one of the many Mario Kart titles.

Mario Kart Tour, when it sees release, will be the fifth game Nintendo has developed for mobile platforms that it doesn’t own following Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Miitomo.

Unfortunately there is still no word on that Legend Of Zelda game that Nintendo said it would be developing for mobile platforms in 2017.