User reviews quietly added to Nintendo Switch games

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One of the basic features Nintendo Switch owners have been asking for since launch has been user reviews, and they seem to have been added in on the sly.

Reddit user /r/phantomliger pointed this out in a post, linking to the page for Dragon Quest Builders.

Under the name of the title you’ll see five empty stars with the message “(No reviews yet)”. Scrolling to the bottom of the back there’s a new “Customer Reviews” section.

Here there’s a button to review the game along with the notice that “All reviews are from verified players. Nintendo does not endorse any reviews on this site”.

Clicking on the button elaborates on this. You’ll need to play a game for at least two hours before you’re allowed to leave a review, and it may take 48 hours for your account to reflect this playtime.

At the time of writing every game has the new review options, but they’re not available yet. Not a single title has a review and you’re unable to leave you star rating, even if you’ve poured hundreds of hours into a title.

One final point to mention is that this change seems to only be active on it’s missing from our local version of the site as well as the eShop on the Nintendo Switch itself.

The new section.
The message you’ll get when you try to review a game.
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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