4K Update coming to PlayStation and Xbox versions of DOOM today

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Despite coming out in 2016, DOOM is still being updated, and the most recent addition is 4K support on two consoles.

Those with a PlayStation 4 Pro or Xbox One X will be getting this addition today as a free download.

We’re not sure what time it’s set to go live as the trailer announcing just states the day, but it may be a good idea to leave your console on before you go to work as we imagine it’s a large download.

Those on PC with the appropriate hardware have obviously had this option since launch, and Nintendo Switch players recently had a patch that increased performance and resolution in many areas of the game. Obviously no 4K was made available for the portable console.

Oddly enough the Switch version of DOOM is the only one which is on sale right now, discounted down to R448 from R669.

If you still haven’t played the game we highly recommend it. it was probably the best game of 2016 and, while the multiplayer and SnapMap may not be as active as they were at launch, the singleplayer alone is worth the entry price.

You can watch the trailer below in 4K and a blog post on Bethesda’s site encourages you to use the Photo Mode with the increased resolution.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.