God Of War has a secret ending

If you’re a PS4 owner, you may be aware that God Of War was released last week and, at present, it’s the highest reviewed PS4 exclusive on Metacritic. It’s really rather good.

Chances are, if you were swept up in the hype last week, you probably bagged a copy last Friday and spent much of the weekend playing it. Unless you scrubbed the game thoroughly exploring every nook and cranny for extra content, it’s possible you managed to finish the game and see it’s rather emotionally charged finale.

But did you get to see God Of War’s secret ending?

If not, we’re going to tell you how to do it, but we’re not going to reveal what you’ll see, because that would be spoilerific and just not cricket. But if you’re in the dark about God Of War’s Marvel-esque post-credits ending, here’s how you see it.

Instead of setting back out to rinse the game of its side-quests and treasure hunts, take Kratos and Atreus back to their house where the game started. Once you enter the lodge, both characters will complain of being exhausted – understandably so – and you’ll be prompted to send them both to bed. Once both shut their eyes, the screen will turn black momentarily and then the secret ending will begin.

As to whether it’s worth watching – you bet it is! God Of War is likely to be a runaway success and a sequel is nearly a foregone conclusion. This hidden ending contains quite a bit of foreshadowing for the possible sequel, in terms of the characters Kratos and Atreus will face.

Enjoy, and remember, no one likes people who spoil games. Seriously, they don’t!

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