Steam now disables comments on reviews by default

Steam reviews no longer have the option to comment on them enabled by default thanks to a decision made by Valve to protect user data.

Previously, Steam reviews have had a comments section where users could add their opinion and other comments to reviews. Ultimately though in many cases users would post a dispute arguing with the review in question.

Valve has decided that this, along with sharing public data, is bad practice and have now disabled comments by default. Any user reviewing a product on Steam will now need to tick an option to allow comments.

PCGamesN reported on this thanks to Reddit user Kiu16 who was among the first users to spot the change. Kiu16 shared a screenshot of the new ‘Allow Comments’ option which you can see below

This change comes after Valve have recently made changes to profile privacy, which disabled public profile data sharing by default. The profile privacy change helps to protect user’s data by hiding their game list and other information unless they explicitly choose to display it by enabling an option in their settings.

It’s a good change in our opinion.

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