3D Print marries the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons with the Razer Phone

In January we featured a 3D print that allowed you to attach the Joy-Cons to an iPhone X or Samsung S8+, and now a new version has arrived to spread the functionality to the Razer Phone.

Maker Keith Baker created this print in Tinkercad after struggling to find a gamepad that would attach directly to the phone instead of being a separate controller.

Printing took only two hours to complete in PLA. The version you see on this page has not been finished yet, but Baker plans on doing more sanding and using rubberised paint to add texture.

Unlike previous designs where the Joy-Cons would attach directly to the plastic of the print, this enclosure uses the metal rails taken from a pair of Joy-Con straps.

All that’s required here is the disassembly of the straps by removing the three small screws, sanding the print to fit, and re-using the screws to attach them to the enclosure.

The straps are easier to work on compared to the comfort grip, and they’re cheaper too should you wish to make the setup permanent.

While these controllers do connect to most devices natively over Bluetooth, they show up as two separate input devices and require some fiddling to get them working as one set of controls.

Here the Enabler for Android app is being used, but it does require rooting of the phone. Baker tells us that this setup works great and it even integrates with game streaming through Steam Link.

To make your own start with the files available for free from Thingiverse. You’ll have to modify the files if you’d you like to use the design on a different device.

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