Blizzard reveals upcoming changes to Hearthstone minion types

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As part of its ongoing mission to make Hearthstone a more consistent experience, Blizzard has revealed some important changes to certain minions in the game.

One of the bigger changes is to Molten Giant and Mountain Giant. Both of these minions will form part of the Elemental Tribe after the next update.

“This adds some additional options in Elemental-type decks, but also makes more sense from a visual standpoint—these lumbering towers of magma and stone are the epitome of Elementals,” explained Blizzard.

Witchwood Piper which joined the collection in the latest The Witchwood expansion will change from a vanilla minion to a Demon. This makes sense because the card features a satyr which is a demon in Warcraft lore.

Wild players are also getting a new Beast minion thanks to the North Sea Kraken joining the Tribe.

Then, and this one is rather vindicating to see, Moonkins are not Beasts.

This confusion was prompted by the release of the Darkmire Moonkin in the latest expansion. The confusion came about because Jungle Moonkin are classified as a Beasts, Darkmire Moonkin weren’t. To bring more consistency to the game Blizzard will remove Moonkins from the Beast tribe.

“We currently have two collectible Moonkin in Hearthstone—Darkmire Moonkin and Jungle Moonkin—and one was a Beast and the other wasn’t. We agree with the overall community feedback that Moonkin should not be Beasts, so, for consistency’s sake, Moonkin will no longer be classified as Beasts,” explains Blizzard.

The publisher also revealed that the card art of Witchwood Grizzly will be changed slightly in the next update. Right now the card’s art looks rather ghostly which doesn’t really fit the idea that it’s a Beast.

In the next update the Grizzly will be a bit browner and less ghostly.

There’s no word on when this update will go live but Blizzard will not be giving away free dust for these changes as there is no change in the power level of the cards.


[Source – Blizzard]


Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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