Store your Nintendo Switch games in this 3D printed Sheikah Slate

A common Switch accessory made by both third-party manufacturers and hobbyists is a cart holder to carry multiple cartridges in a small space, and now we have one based on the Sheikah Slate.

This ingenious idea comes from maker Jules Combelles who was kind enough to send us a few details and pictures about the print, the latter of which you can see in the small gallery below.

This print will hold up to eight cartridges inside of a caddy that can be slid out from the main body.

Combelles modelled this Sheikah Slate in Fusion 360 over the course of around two days until he was happy and sent it over to the printer.

Printing took six hours for each main piece (the caddy and the two halves of the body) bringing the total print time to 18 hours.

One trick used here is that the printing striations were done in parallel to the removal of the caddy, reducing friction between them. This will be less of a problem for future iterations that are sanded down and painted, but was needed here in this prototype.

If you want to see what that complete version would look like, you’ll have to make it yourself using the files available for free On Thingiverse.

At 15 X 8 X 1 centimetres you won’t be using much filament as it comes in a bit smaller than the Nintendo Switch game boxes.

If you don’t have access to a 3D printer but you still want a DIY cart holder, check out our LEGO variant, which is complete with full instructions and a parts list.

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