Bethesda releases “note to our fans” ahead of Fallout 76 beta

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The beta for Fallout 76 begins today on Xbox One, and Bethesda has released a note to its fans with a nebulous purpose.

Firstly it talks about Fallout 76’s creation and how it is a departure for the company, adding that they’ve expanded to multiple studios to create a game size four times larger than their last.

It speaks of “bending older technology to do things we didn’t think it could”. They are, of course, speaking of how the single player-focused Gamebryo engine had to be modified to accommodate many players, a topic of the Noclip documentary about the game.

And for the first red flag, the question of what exactly is Fallout 76, and the milktoast answer the note provides of “that’s up to you”. With many iffy on the idea of what a multiplayer Fallout game is, this doesn’t seem the best way to sell your game just before the general public gets to play it.

Added to this is the next topic of bugs and other problems. As a studio infamous for these, especially around launch, Bethesda seems to be getting ahead of the issue and not trying to hide it, stating that these issues will occur and they’re depending on the community to help resolve them.

These two sore points have left people with mixed impressions about this note and why exactly it needed to be released. Many see it as the company getting ahead of any problems – both objective and subjective – that may crop up very soon.

But you can make your own mind up about that by reading full note either on Bethesdda’s site or embedded below.

We have no doubt that this title will get extensive coverage through the beta and into the final release on 14th November, so there should be enough content out there for everyone to get a good feel of it before spending their money.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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