Cyanide & Happiness’ Rapture Rejects launches for free in first two days

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After being announced in June of this year Rapture Rejects hit Steam’s Early Access yesterday.

Rapture Rejects, as the name hints too, takes place after the rapture with the people left behind on Earth fighting it out for a spot in heaven.

The people behind Cyanide & Happiness and working on this title with their logo displayed proudly below that of the game. The developers here are Galvanic Games and Explosm Games, the latter apparently being a new entity from Cyanide & Happiness as “Explosm” has been the URL for the webcomic since its inception. 

The game is available for R130 on Steam but, in its first two days, it’s completely free to anyone hoping to give it a try.

We downloaded Rapture Rejects (it’s a sparse 166 MB) and, well, it’s exactly what we expected from the past marketing materials: an isometric battle royale game with some of Cyanide & Happiness’ humour injected into it.

We do like the fact that the weapons have a cobbled together nature and there’s some neat mechanics like a machine that briefly expands your view of the map so you can spot supplies and enemies, but it just feels a bit lacklustre.

As this is Early Access that may all change by the time of the 2020 release date, so keep your eyes on this if you’re looking for something a bit more casual in this genre, and Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is far too silly for you.

The full game is looking to add more items and weapons, procedural environments, character modifiers, balances and social changes to make playing with others easier.

Right now, however, you start the game with a character customiser before being dropped into a map to duke it out. There isn’t much of a tutorial or explanation to go off of, but it’s relatively easy to understand.

There’s four server locations to choose from (North America, Europe, Asia and South America) and you can play in singles or duos.

There’s also an in-game store that isn’t available yet.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of