Corridor Digital is now selling a book about imaginary games

Corridor Digital, or simply “Corridor”- the YouTube channel famous for its impressive CGI shorts – is trying its hand at a new medium in the form a book.

Unlike many channels who go the simple route of a terrible biography written by someone else, Corridor’s book is a bit… weirder.

Titled “Top 10 Games You Can Play In Your Head, By Yourself” it, of course, comes with a video trailer to show it off, which is embedded below.

From what we can see in that trailer it’s a bit of a joke but, having not read it, we can’t say for certain.

If you do want to read it, being able to buy the real paper thing isn’t a joke, as it’s up on Amazon right now.

While usually priced at $19.99, it’s been reduced to $17.99 due to surge of people picking it up. At the time of writing it’s a number one best seller in the category of “Metaphysical & Visionary Fiction”.

Some people on the dedicated Corridor subreddit have already received their copies and it’s rated rather highly on Amazon, so it seems a lot of effort went into it.

The last time we wrote about a YouTube channel moving into the book space, it was Filthy Frank and the title Francis of the Filth. With that channel now dead and its creator moving on to other projects, the book may shoot up in value in the coming years.


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