Enter the Gungeon’s final update likely called ‘A Farewell to Arms’

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Roguelike twinstick bullet hell Enter the Gungeon will be receiving one more free update before its developers move onto another project, and it’s name may be a rather clever one in “A Farewell to Arms”.

To catch up on the situation: Enter the Gungeon has received a lot of free DLC from its developer Dodge Roll ever since it launched in 2016, but that’s about to end.

In a post on Reddit the developer announced that it would soon cease this practice and move onto other games. While Enter the Gungeon sold millions of copies and has built a large community, the developers were finding it difficult to add new content due to the fact that the base game has “shaky… foundations”.

Because of this the team decided to scrap plans for a larger paid expansion and will instead add one more free DLC.

These announcements happened around four months ago and we’ve heard very little since, until another post appeared on Reddit. Instead of being from the developers, this was a normal user who states that they found the artwork for the DLC on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Credit: /u/agroupofcohocks on Reddit

User agroupofcohocks stated in the comments that this was found in the EU version of the eShop on the Nintendo Switch itself. We couldn’t find it ourselves, but maybe we had the location set to the wrong EU country.

While this could still be a fake, the artwork is an almost exact match for the style of previous key art we’ve seen for the game (see the header image above), and the name of it is just too fitting.

Those who have never played Enter the Gungeon can maybe work out from the title that everything in the game is based on guns and gun puns. As one final love letter from the developers for their game about making fun of guns, A Farewell to Arms is such a fitting name.

The figure in the foreground matches up with an unused playable character call Gunslinger or it may be one called Paradox, a character that uses randomised items every run that was previously announced.

One of the developers even commented on the post saying “Looks photoshopped to me“, which is obviously a bit of humour on their part.

As to why this showed up on the eShop the theory seems to be that it was meant to be announced during the recent Nindies Showcase but was removed at the last minute.

Regardless of the validity of this leak, Enter the Gungeon is one of our favourite games from the past decade and we’ll be very sad to see this update come out as it likely means the last we’ll see of this title from the developers.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.