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PS4 owners fed up as EA investigates reports of Anthem crashing consoles

Anthem has kicked its launch into touch and now players are left to wait around as EA and Bioware scramble to fix the myriad issues plaguing the game.

At the weekend reports emerged that Anthem was not only kicking players out of the game but it was hard-crashing PlayStation 4 consoles.

From what we can gather the crash causes the console to power down completely as if the user had unceremoniously turned the mains off mid-game.

Anybody who owns a PlayStation 4 will know that this is bad, as the console will need to perform a disk check when its powered on again and there’s no guarantee that your data will have survived the crash.

After a weekend of frustration EA finally acknowledged the issues raised by players this morning in a tweet.

A quick gander at that forum post reveals a multitude of instances where the game crashed and powered PS4 consoles off. There does seem to be more PS4 Pro cases than regular cases but right now it appears as if anybody playing Anthem on a PS4 might be risking their console while trying to entertain their Iron Man fantasies.

Some Anthem players have managed to get a refund for the game using Playstation’s customer service but that appears to be for digital copies of the game and there is no guarantee that PlayStation or EA will honour every request for a refund.

From the short time we’ve spent with Anthem the game is good but the scourge of loading screens coupled with uninspiring loot makes the entire game feel like a work in progress.

That would be fine for a game in early access but this is a fully fledged release that should be working at 100 percent regardless of which platform you’re playing on.

Here’s hoping EA and Bioware patch the game as soon as possible to correct the myriad issues the game has, particularly this PS4 business.

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