Google Maps gets in-app Snake game for April Fool’s

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It is April Fool’s Day, which means that tech companies across the world are trying to have a bit of fun and unveil some wacky faux device or offering. Invariably the reveals often miss the mark, and aren’t all that funny.

The latest one from Google isn’t funny either, but is rather ingenious, as the firm debuted an in-app Snake game for Google Maps.

The game is available to iOS and Android users for the entire week, with Google also debuting a standalone website where you can play the game from your web browser should you not be commuting.

If you’re using the Google Maps app, you’ll find the game in the Menu. From there, you’ll be able to pick from six different cities from across the globe, as well as a world map. Based on the city you choose, your “Snake” will be a mode of transport. In Tokyo for example it’s a train, and players will need to collect as many passengers as possible.

Whether the Google Maps version of Snake proves as addictive as the Nokia version remains to be seen, but we could certainly see this feature gaining some traction among commuters who are waiting for their public transport to arrive.

As such we hope Google makes it a regular fixture in their Maps app moving forward.

Robin-Leigh Chetty

Robin-Leigh Chetty

When he's not reviewing the latest smartphones, Robin-Leigh is writing about everything tech-related from IoT and smart cities, to 5G and cloud computing. He's also a keen photographer and dabbles in console games.