Twitter (and the rest of the internet) floods with new Pokémon fan art

Yesterday there was a 15 minute Nintendo Direct that showed off a lot of the two new Pokémon games Sword and Shield, and the internet’s artists have been hard at work since then.

People fawned over Sobble when the games were announced, but the new adorable Pokémon on the block for people to lose their minds over is Wooloo, which is basically just a stylised sheep.

Aside from that the new character Sonia seems to be absolutely beloved despite being on-screen for just a short time. We’re not even going to talk about all the NSFW art that exists already.

As we follow many artists on Twitter (and the platform now shows when people you follow like popular tweets) we’ve been with inundated with art from the new content shown in the livestream, some of which we assembled down below.

As far as we can tell all of the tweets are from the original artists. If we goofed and signal boosted some stolen art, please let us know.

It’s worth mentioning that there seems to be a lot more art compared to memes this time around. When the titles were announced much of the images being shared were humorous ones and, while this is no exception, the focus here seems to be on more regular art.

If what we’ve embedded down below isn’t enough for you, an almost countless amount of art is popping up on the #PokemonSwordShield hashtag.

For those wondering, the header image at the top of this story isn’t fan art, but is an official promotional image used to show off the new Dynamax system.

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