Amazon pre-order bonus for Pokémon Sword & Shield is some gold luggage

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If you’re in the US and you pre-order Pokémon Sword and Shield through Amazon, you will be rewarded with a “Gold Studded Leather Case” which you can see in the header image above.

Yes you’re not getting real luggage made of precious metal, or even just coloured gold, or a plush toy. It’s some DLC which will be emailed to people who make the purchase before 14th November.

While we usually refer to new Pokémon games in pairs with the “and” usually meaning “either or”, that’s not the case this time around. To get this DLC you will need to drop $119.99 on the double pack which comes with both games.

We’re really quite flabbergasted by the sheer lack of effort here. This kind of small pre-order DLC is not known for being special and does usually take the form of simple skins, but the Pokémon community is at a really delicate stage right now where this kind of nothing content is particularly insulting.

We won’t recap the whole train wreck so far, but the upcoming games are, at the moment, being received rather poorly for two reasons: a lack of improvements compared to previous games, and the fact that not all Pokémon will be available.

There’s a general feeling in much of the community that developer Game Freak has grown lazy and resilient to change in the last decade or so. News like this – where it looks like the minimum effort is put in – continues to perpetuate these feelings.

It really doesn’t help that only the most ardent fans and collectors of the franchise are the ones who will be buying this double pack anyway.

On top of all of that, even if you are interested in this gold luggage, we do not suggest pre-ordering. Wait for the reviews to come out before parting ways with any of your money. This tweet from Amazon states that the codes for this DLC will be emailed out, and we’re certain they’ll appear on Ebay after that if you want to pick it up at a later stage.

Pokémon Sword and Shield launches on the Nintendo Switch on 15th November.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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