Bleak Sword is yet another Devolver Digital game for Apple Arcade

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As we get closer to the launch of Apple Arcade on 19th September, publisher Devolver Digital has revealed yet another new title to hit the platform in Bleak Sword.

As you’ll see in the announcement trailer (embedded below), Bleak Sword sees you take control of a swordsman in a fantasy world presented in a unique way where each level is a small enclosed vignette. This, combined with the detailed but minimalist art give the game a very unique look.

In terms of gameplay this looks like a hack and slasher with the ability to roll away from danger, attack, counter-attack and parry.

The game is made up of nine chapters telling the tale of the player character trying to break the curse of the titular Bleak Sword. Once that has been beaten an Arena Mode is available with thirty achievements to be unlocked.

This game is being developed by Luis Moreno Jimenez, with a score by Jim Guthrie and sound from Joonas Turner.

Bleak Sword joins Exit the Gungeon and Cricket Through the Ages as Apple Arcade titles for the service at launch, which costs $4.99 per month. Of the three we know that Exist the Gungeon will launch on other platforms after its launch exclusivity ends, but there’s been no word on wider availability of the other two just yet.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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