Borderlands 3 is finally patching its aim down sights problem

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Despite being a solid game at its core, Borderlands 3 has been in dire need of optimisation since launching two weeks ago, and Gearbox has finally given us a patch to address some of its problems.

One of the biggest changes (and the first one listed in the patch notes) is addressing the performance hit whenever you aim down sights (ADS). On PC at least, the amount of texture streaming when this happens will be reduced, which should help the massive performance dips when you looks through a scope or down the iron sights.

For both PC and console, only two other performance-specific issues have been addressed in the patch. Apparently, players with many people in their friends list were experiencing hitching, so this has been addressed. Finally, we get the catch-all “general stability improvements”. With Borderlands 3 being a generally unstable game, this is one of the rare times we’re happy to see this nebulous update.

The rest of the rather long patch notes address a variety of small changes in terms of balance, UI and multiplayer.

The KillaVolt boss fight for example – which is one of the most frustrating in the game – has been tweaked slightly. Before the arena this fight would take place in would damage you with an attack that covered the entire floor. Turns out this wasn’t sadistic game design, but rather a bug that has now been squashed.

The rest of the changes are small but welcome, though we don’t see anything about the extremely laggy menus which plagues this game focused so heavily on inventory management. This issue is present on both consoles and PC, and was a massive bugbear when we reviewed the game.

Still, any improvements to the game are welcome, and you can read the full Borderlands 3 patch notes here.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of


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