Even Nedbank is offering Black Friday deals

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With Black Friday fast approaching just about every company in South Africa will be offering some kind of deal. While you may expect that to only include retailers, Nedbank is proving that financial institutions can do it too.

The first offer here is R3 000 back when you open a Savvy Plus or Savvy Bundle cheque account at Nedbank. As you may expect there are a few hoops to jump through before you get that R3 000, and they are:

  • Open a Nedbank Savvy Plus or a Nedbank Savvy Bundle bank account using the Nedbank Money App or on the Nedbank website during the promotional period.
  • Switch your salary (a minimum amount of R10 000) to be paid into your new bank account by 31 January 2020.
  • Make sure that your salary is paid into your new account for five consecutive months.
  • Load at least one debit order on your new bank account.
  • Use your new bank account at least five times per month by either swiping, tapping or scanning your card.

While this is an offer for Black Friday – and it’s clearly marked as one – the promotional period here is right now until 30th November.

While those conditions are very long winded, they are rather set in stone. On the other side of things Nedbank is also running a contest to give away R200 000. TO win here you will need to apply for a Nedbank credit, American Express Platinum or Gold or SAA Voyager credit card before 30th November, and spend R2 500 or more every month for six months.

Unfortunately there won’t be one winner going home with the full R200 000, but instead 60 cardholders will get R500 per month for six months as their prize. We’re a bit confused by this, as this results in the prize money being R180 000.

We’re not exactly sure what happened to the missing R20 000. Hopefully the person who wrote up the contest page isn’t the one handling your money at Nedbank.

Also on special is the PocketPOS, which is going for R1 199 instead of R2 399. And, if you’re planning on travelling, there’s also a discount on that.

Booking certain travel options from Avis, Sun International and aha Hotels & Lodges will net you savings between 20% and 60%.

Finally, if you’re looking to invest some kind of exclusive offer is to be had when applying online for an Electronic Fixed Deposit Account or an Electronic Optimum Investment Account. The details for this will apparently be disclosed when this offer is open between 29th November and 2nd December.

The full details of Nedbank’s Black Friday deals, as well as the links to apply and buy them, can be seen on the official page here.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of htxt.africa.