Bungie’s most ambitious Destiny 2 puzzle has finally been solved

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Warning: This story will contain spoilers AFTER the solution to the puzzle. We have marked this clearly so as not spoil the end of the quest for you.

The Corridor of Time has been the home of Destiny 2 players for nearly a week as they have tried to solve what is perhaps the most ambitious puzzle created.

The puzzle began taking shape last week Tuesday when symbols appeared on Obelisks started to change. Each hour these symbols changed.

Following the symbols in the order displayed through the Obelisks through the Corridors of Time rewarded players with lore cards, 19 lore cards in total.

Using the solutions from the paths to the lore cards the Destiny 2 community discovered another reward in an emblem and that’s when things became very interesting.

Upon entering the emblem room players could see a unique code that changed every hour.

It wasn’t long before the folks on the /r/RaidSecrets subreddit began piecing those codes together. After a few hours of this it was discovered that certain codes matched and formed a path.

The path was formed by various opening in the codes that the community discovered. While we don’t have an exact count of pieces needed to complete the entire puzzle, quick maths puts the figure at 5 040 pieces.

One of the first pieces of the map created by the Destiny 2 community.

Since this was discovered streamers have been losing sleep as they collect images, transcribe those images into a spreadsheet and that spreadsheets gets turned into a readable map.

It has been a gargantuan effort and at the weekend real progress was made.

The map after six days of work.

The trouble however, was that as fewer pieces were needed it became harder to spot the pieces that were vital to completing the puzzle.

So a bounty system was created and a call issued to the community. That call yielded fruit and this morning the puzzle was solved.

You can see the solution in the image below or hit up this link for a higher resolution image.


Upon completing that sequence you will hear dialog from Saint-14 talking about our Guardian’s death. You will then need to complete a series of quest steps.

Each step in the quest can be found here. Prepare to spend a long time on the Tangled Shore doing public events, slaying Challenging enemies and clearing out Lost Sectors.

The quest concludes with a reprise of The Hollowed Lair strike in The Hollowed Lair, Memento. The boss you need to kill will be in the final boss room of the Strike so you won’t miss it.

Visit Saint-14 at the Tower and he will give you your reward.

So what is the reward?

Strangely, players that complete this mission will be rewarded with the Exotic Bastion Fusion Rifle. This weapon was meant to be released on 28th January but it seems as if the puzzle in the Corridors of Time presented something of a shortcut.

This now leaves a rather sizeable gap in Bungie’s Season of Dawn calendar.

Either the developer grossly underestimated the Destiny 2 community or there is something else coming.

All of that having been said, we loved the way this puzzle brought the community together, even if the reward was somewhat disappointing in the end.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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