Today’s your last day to get Xbox Game Pass through Discord Nitro

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The end of last year saw Microsoft make a big push to get more people using Xbox Game Pass, and one great deal from that effort is still available in 2020.

Subscribing to Discord’s Nitro service – for $9.99 – will instantly grant you a code which is redeemable for three months of Xbox Game Pass.

The deal, which originally launched back on 14th November, ends today. We picked ours up a few hours ago at the time of writing, so it’s still up depending on when you read this. The original announcement does not list an exact time for when the promotion ends, so it’s better to get in as soon as possible.

To participate you will need to subscribe to Discord Nitro. using the account now associated with Nitro, log into the Discord client and you should be greeted by a banner notification at the top of the programme. Click on this or go to  User Library and then Gift Inventory.

Once you’ve done this you will be able to claim your code to redeem the three months of Xbox Game Pass. It’s very important to note here that a choice must be made between the service on console or PC, as you can only have one.

Once you’ve made this choice you will be presented with a code which you can then redeem on the Microsoft website. Make sure to use the Microsoft account associated with your console or gaming PC.

Those looking for a step by step guide can check out the announcement page which should have you covered. it also features the Ts and Cs, such as the expiry date of the code and the eligible countries.

if you’re at a loss of what to play with your new subscription we highly recommend Forza Horizon 4, which we’ve been thoroughly enjoying through the holiday break.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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