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Mario is finally coming to LEGO

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There was a slew of announcements yesterday for Mario Day (10th March – MAR10), but nothing has us more excited than a tiny teaser by LEGO that Nintendo’s icon will be represented in bricks. 

The teaser is just seven seconds long and can be watched in the embed below. All we get is what appears to be a plastic Mario recreated in LEGO’s deformed look with what appears to be a shirt, teeth and eyes made of pixels. 

This is followed by a quick snap of the LEGO and Super Mario logos together, and that’s it. 

Mario, and the rest of Nintendo’s big licences, has alluded LEGO for some time now. Pokémon, for example, is still under the wing of Mega Construx / Mega Bloks. Mario and crew, on the other hand, were once offered as a range of toys by K’Nex

Now, however, the Mario licence is in the hands of the most popular building bricks company.

Looking over the teaser again with our LEGO glasses on and we can see some familiar pieces. It appears that the arms, the two round buttons on his overalls, and some of the bricks he is standing on are all existing pieces found in older sets. Most of Mario appears to be one new Mould, as is the question block he’s standing on. That’s assuming that what we’re looking at is a render of an actual toy, however.

We’re also very intrigued by the choice to make part of Mario look like screens. We’d wager that this is just to really sell that this character comes from a videogame, but it may indicate that toys from LEGO in this theme will have some digital component, something the company did just recently for its original Hidden Side line

Wild speculation aside, we’re excited to see where this is headed and hope more Nintendo properties join this one.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of