UPDATED: The Whisper, Zero Hour and Zero Hour Heroic missions are bugged and insanely easy to solo

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UPDATE 22/04/2020

As of Destiny 2 Update 2.8.1, The Whisper, Zero Hour and Zero Hour (Heroic) are no longer bugged and the difficulty scaling has been addressed.

Original story below.

With the Season of the Worthy currently underway in Destiny 2 you would be forgiven for forgetting about some older content you might have missed or given up on.

We’re talking specifically about Destiny 2’s two secret missions The Whisper and Zero Hour.

Both missions are generally difficult to complete alone, feature tricky jumping puzzles and reward an Exotic weapon upon completion.

Both missions are also bugged as of time of writing.

Simply put, the enemies in these missions are meant to act as a roadblock impeding your progress but since Season of the Worthy went live last week, Guardians appear to be dealing massive amounts of damage to these enemies.

A few well placed shots with an SMG or Machine Gun will dispatch of the enemies and allow you to focus on the real challenge in these missions – the jumping puzzles.

This increased damage is active in Zero Hour, Zero Hour (Heroic), and The Whisper. Unfortunately The Whisper (Heroic) does not seem to have this bug.

While you can bring two other friends with you the missions in their current state are easy enough to solo.

There’s no telling when Bungie is going to fix this problem but if you’ve been looking to get your hands on Whisper of the Worm (which is doing rather well this season) or Outbreak Perfected, now is the time.

We’ve included video guides for how to complete each of the missions below.

Datto’s Outbreak Perfected Guide

A full guide to Zero Hour including how to get the ship can be found here.

Datto’s Whisper of the Worm Guide

Note: This mission has changed slightly in that any public event in the Lost Oasis on Io will spawn a Taken boss which needs to be killed in order to spawn the portal.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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