Twiki from Buck Rogers 3D printed in two different sizes

Twiki is an absolute classic robot design from Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and you can now 3D print one in any size you see fit thanks to the work of the maker community.

The specific maker to thank is professional animator Cory Collins who has not only replicated the robot but printed it in two different sizes so you can see it at a couple of different scales before making one yourself.

“I made it as request from a friend of mine. I had been making other little action figures and he requested Twiki. So I made him a small version, that is the classic 5 point articulated action figure size, and a larger, roughly 1/6 scale version. I was a fan of all things science fiction as a kid, and Buck Rogers was one of the shows I watched along with one of it’s contemporaries,” Collins tells us about the origin of the project.

The modelling here was done in Blender using all manner of references found online. Replicas, stills, other people’s projects and more were all fair game to make the design as accurate as possible.

This accuracy took around 30 hours to complete spread over a month.

With the model done it was time to print. The smaller of the pair ate up between six and eight hours, while the larger one needed a solid 20 hours to finish.

Silver Silk PLA filament was mostly used here as most of Twiki’s design is this colour, and it was a great choice here as it comes out shiny and looking deceptively metallic. These parts were not sanded as doing so would dull the shine.

Some small areas were painted with acrylics and the flexible parts of the arms were printed with a semi-flexible TPU filament. This don’t add much articulation to the prints, but Collins does tell us that they provide a nice sheen to the models.

When finished the smaller of the prints stands 7.5 centimetres and the larger one at 20 centimetres. You can, of course, scale yours as you see fit, or go a bit bonkers in isolation and make a 1:1 version.

Regardless of the size the files you need to get going are available for free on Thingiverse. 

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