GPD Win Max: $885 at retail, $779 during crowdfunding

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GPD, the company known for its line of tiny Windows machines, has revealed the pricing for its latest device the Win Max, a so called “handheld gaming laptop”. Customers will be paying $885 (~R16K) at retail and $779 (~R14K) should they choose to buy one during the device’s crowdfunding campaign.

As a reminder the GPD Win Max is powered by Intel i5-1035G7 and 16GB of RAM. The choice of this hardware, especially the decision to go Intel over AMD, has been explained by GPD back in March.

There’s an eight inch screen on offer combined with a full QWERTY keyboard. For gaming there’s two joysticks, ABXY buttons and a D-pad.

As with all its devices GPD has chosen to crowdfund the Win Max. The company has released a campaign preview which you can view here.

The campaign is looking to raise $700K (~R12 million) and will go live next month on 18th May. Backers will have until 30th June to take part if they’re comfortable with paying, as the $700K is a flexible goal, meaning that GPD gets all the money even if the goal is not reached.

We doubt that will happen, however, as the company has successfully funded and delivered so many products in the past.

That being said we have to provide the necessary warning about crowdfunding. Don’t pay anything you’re not willing to lose entirely, and expect that what you receive (if you receive anything at all) may not be what is advertised.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic may also cause problems with component availability, pricing and delivery, all elements that were already strenuous when it comes to crowdfunding.

We suggest carefully scanning the Indiegogo campaign page for all the details, as it’s actually rather comprehensive. There’s not just beauty shots of the Win Max (some of which can be seen in our gallery below), but there’s also detailed information about the hardware and software on offer.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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