Thrustmaster teams up with Airbus to make flight sim hardware

Peripheral maker Thrustmaster has announced a collaboration with Airbus to launch a range of controllers collectively referred to as TCA – Thrustmaster Civil Aviation.

“We’re flying high with the launch of our new TCA (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) product range, officially licensed by Airbus. Our very first civil aviation-related gaming accessories ever. To experience incredibly lifelike sensations and features, and virtually step into the shoes of an airline captain,” reads a description of the range.

The TAC range all sport pale blue main bodies with black controls and Airbus branding throughout. Looks are subjective but we really like how these turned out.

TCA Airbus editions of the Sidestick, Quadrant and Officer Packs have been announced. These all take cues from real Airbus airliners to create 1:1 scale replicas that are actually usable in games.

You can see these in the trailer below with the rest available to pre-order on the Thrustmaster site. Commercial availability for these goes into September for those not included to pre-order. Both of these release windows are for overseas, so we’ll need to wait and see if they fly on over to other territories like here in South Africa.

This seems to be a great time for such a release as the much anticipated Microsoft Flight Simulator is coming out later this year. Aircraft and travelling enthusiasts currently grounded because of the pandemic should also get a kick out of these.


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