Virtual Fest is a Pokémon online theme park happening this month

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With theme parks mostly closed during the pandemic Pokémon has sought to bring the experience to fans through a new event called Virtual Fest.

Taking place between 12th to 31st August, Virtual Fest will work through the Japanese app Cluster available on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. If the Japanese-only app has you worried your instincts are likely true as this event is for Japan only.

That being said the app seems to be available for download regardless of country, and we’re sure those determined enough can get by with a VPN and some translation software.

As for what we can expect for all that effort, the theme park has a teaser site you can visit.

By using some machine translation we can work out that Virtual Fest has visitors represented by robot avatars which you can customise, which will then be let free in the park to complete tasks.

There seems to be several tasks such as escape rooms, puzzles and maizes on offer, and some kind of overall goal the community can work towards by completing them.

The main areas of the park are the entrance, attraction area, beach area, store area and an event stage. Each of these have activities to partake in and the stage will even have public viewings of battles from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

The how to play page also gives a bit more instruction when it comes to the minutia of things. For those wanting to explore proceedings with friends there is support for forming parties and inviting friends.

Park Map

Park Entrance

Attraction Area

Beach Area

Store Area

Event Stage

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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