Playing the Avengers beta again? The devs have a challenge for you

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This weekend Marvel’s Avengers will have its final beta period before the game launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia come 4th September.

The previous two beta weekends were gated by platform and / or made available only for those who had pre-ordered the game. This weekend, however, it’s open for anyone on the three platforms, save for Stadia.

Despite this many people have played in more than one beta, or plan to have another go around this weekend. While you can get a good sixish hours out of the beta, it can get stale.

To keep things free, developer Crystal Dynamics has released a set of self-imposed challenges that returning players can try.

Strangely enough these challenges were released a few days ago… around the time that the last beta weekend ended. This means that you couldn’t actually complete these challenges when the gauntlet was thrown, but you can now.

Before you dive into the last beta, either to do these challenges or for the first time, we recommend giving our story on our experience a read. For returning players the patch notes should be required reading as the beta has been continually worked on between weekends.

See if you can complete these challenges from our team for bragging rights!

  • Can you avoid any damage in the fight against multiple waves that ends the HARM Challenge Rooms?
  • See if you can destroy an entire wave of enemies with a perfectly located Thunder Clap in “To Find Olympia.”
  • There are a TON of flying plague drones on “Condition: Green.” See how many you can take out with a single throw (Hulk’s ranged attack arcs, so it’s a math problem!)
  • Never Touch the Ground: If you are playing as Iron Man, see if you can complete the boss fight in “To Tame a Titan” without getting knocked out of the sky by the various missiles flying your way. It’s tough, but not impossible!
Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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