Xbox Windows programme update promises faster, rebuilt software

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To access Xbox Games Pass for PC you need to be using a desktop programme that has been rather hit or miss when it comes to functionality. Now a new version of it has rolled out.

If you had opened the programme recently you may have found a message stating that the software had been updated to version 2008.1001. The changes this version features are broken into “Top Updates” and “Other Updates”.

Below are the changes shown to users when the new version is installed. This is straight from Microsoft so when you see “speed of vroom” and a love of trailers, that’s them, not us.

Top Updates

  • Performance updates: Rebuilt the app so that pages load at the speed of vroom and consume less memory.
  • Mods: Now you can mod-ify supported games with your own mods.

Other Updates

  • Video preview on hover: You can now turn off auto-play video in Settings. Personally I love trailers but…
  • Desktop shortcut

While a faster piece of software and mod support are nice, the biggest problem we’ve experienced with this programme is downloads.

We’ve had failed downloads, games that refuse to install, completed installations that suddenly disappear and more. We’ve seen this happen on our own machines and to many others in the community, so hopefully it’s the focus of future updates.

Finally it’s worth mentioning that another recent update changed the name of the software from “Game Pass for PC” to simply “Xbox”. This drove us a bit mad trying to find it in the search bar – we can’t remember the last time a programme on our PC ever did this.

Then again Microsoft has been pushing more and more to unify the console and PC platforms, so it makes sense from a marketing perspective.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

Clinton has been a programmer, engineering student, project manager, asset controller and even a farrier. Now he handles the maker side of