htxt.africast – EMUI 11 and Huawei’s focus on local devs

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It may be a shorter week because of Heritage Day, but that doesn’t mean a week without the africast.

In the news roundup this time around it’s the University of South Africa (Unisa), Oppo and Tesla. After making an emergency pivot to online exams earlier this year Unisa has announced that this form of testing will be the standard going forward. Oppo finally announces a launch in South Africa, and in the process details a handful of well priced devices for local phone users. Rounding things off, Tesla unveils its long-term plans for much better batteries thanks to some simple, yet innovative new techniques which we could see in EVs within the next five years.

For the main portion of this week’s africast, following on from our discussion last week, we chat to Akhram Mohamed, CTO for Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa. We look at the collaboration that Huawei has built into EMUI 11, and what value it will hold for consumers and developers alike. Sticking with the latter, we also unpacks what Huawei’s plans are for its South African developer community, and how they aim to double down next year.

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