Musician Logic buys first edition Charizard for $220K

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Musician Logic – real name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II – has scooped up the holy grail of Pokémon cards in an auction by spending more than $220K (~R3.6 million).

So a bit of backstory: the card in question is a PSA 10 first edition Charizard. It comes from Pokémon’s Base set – the first group of Pokémon cards ever printed. With most cards from the Base set getting picked up for a dollar or two given how much was printed, certain holographic cards like Charizard are worth serious money, with the fire starter being on the top of the pile.

While Pikachu may be the Pokémon mascot Charizard is by far the most popular ‘mon when it comes to the card game. Any card featuring it is instantly worth money regardless of its rarity or viability in the competitive scene.

PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator) is an American company that grades trading cards. People pay to have their cards sent to PSA after which the service will examine it and pass judgement on its condition and quality. The top grading is “GEM MT 10”.

So we have one of the most sought after cards with a perfect grading from PSA. Throw a rich musician into the mix of a bidding war and we get Logic walking away with the card for $220K+.

Logic didn’t just buy the card out of the blue. He also recently posted on Instagram where he opened a box of boosters he claims was worth $23K (~R379K).

Those prone to jealousy may want to look away now because Logic actually got a Charizard in this box. While it’s not graded by PSA as it’s right out of the pack, it’s extraordinarily lucky to get this, even if you have the money to gamble on these rare boosters which have sat unopened since 1999.


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Just opened a $23k Pokémon base set box! Only a few packs in but What did I pull? Comment before swiping right

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While this kinds of large money bids usually keep the winner secret, Logic confirms he got the card on Twitter in a reply to YouTuber and general irritant Logan Paul.

Paul was also on social media recently opening expensive sealed boosters from Base Set. It seems blowing money on old shiny cardboard is the new in fashion hobby for young millionaires.

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