Speedrunners have already ripped apart Destiny 2’s Deep Stone Crypt Raid

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As sure as night turns into day, Destiny 2 Raids will be broken apart by speedrunners.

Case in point is Clan Silimar which has completed the latest Deep Stone Crypt Raid as a fireteam of six in little over 16 minutes.

Before we dissect this run you can watch it below. Caution, there is strong language used throughout the video.

There are a few important things to note about this speedrun.

The first is the fact that the team constantly has the “Shelter from the Storm” buff during the first encounter of the Raid. This is made possible through a bug that allows you to board your Sparrow which is outside of the heating bubble while you are within the bubble. It’s unclear why this happens but we expect this to be patched at some point.

Then, at around the 6:51 mark, one Fireteam member goes out of bounds, traversing the exterior of the Raid.

The reason speedrunners do this is to pull teammates from one encounter to the next. This saves valuable minutes that would’ve otherwise been wasted by running to the next encounter.

Another important note is that at 13:24 you’ll here a player say “Swap”. This call to swap is for players to exit the Raid and swap to another character and it can be called for two reasons.

The first is that joining in on a fireteam can sometimes load you into an encounter sooner than the game allows players currently in the Raid. In the case of Deep Stone Crypt, the point where the entire team is safe in the White Room is a checkpoint and players will load into the encounter from there rather than having to make the final run to the aforementioned room.

The other, more likely answer is so that the clan can juggle checkpoints between characters to avoid having to run the entire Raid again.

Finally, during the final boss damage phase you’ll see a player quickly switching between shotguns. This is a well known technique called Sprint Cancelling where players can Sprint, swap to another weapon and cancel the Sprint animation before it happens. This allows you to have a weapon at the ready immediately to plough more damage into the target.

All of this plus a bit of Warlock sword skating and a deep knowledge of Destiny’s systems mix to create a jaw-dropping run.

While you’re here you may also want to check out Clan Redeem’s Flawless Run of this Raid in which none of the six clan members die.

And here we are still trying to get Raid ready.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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