Pokémon reveals a new TCG mechanic in the most dramatic way possible

Today Pokémon has revealed an upcoming expansion for the trading card game (TCG). The Battle Style expansion will introduce a mechanic called, you guessed it, Battle Style.

This mechanics has been revealed with two types of Battle Style: Rapid Strike and Single Strike. 60 cards with Battle Styles will be printed in this expansion with cards of the same style being able to interact with each other.

Those who have played the Isle of Armor DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield will find this familiar as these are the two types of Urshifu that are available. Urshifu was the mascot of that DLC and will again be the main Pokémon for this TCG expansion.

We’ll explain a bit more about this but we have to talk about the animated trailer that has accompanied this news. It’s embedded below and, hot damn, it’s amazing.

It’s a very dramatic trailer for what is essentially an advertisement for trading cards, and we love it. It captures that radical energy of the late 90s / early 2000s which Pokémon was born and strived in.

We could write a few thousand words about how the new Battle Style system will affect both competitive play and collecting but it’s simpler to just wait closer to the release date for the cards to be in our hands.

What we will say is that these kind of external naming systems have been used in the TCG in the past. The designers of this game are very apt at renaming and recycling mechanics from the past, so this is nothing revolutionary.

The Sword & Shield—Battle Styles expansion expansion will launch on 19th March 2021.

Before we go it would be remiss not to mention another animated trailer for the TCG that was released recently. This one isn’t for an entire expansion just for a special boxed set. It features three baby Pokémon recontextualised as terrifying kaiju the size of mountains.

Pokémon Seems to have really been stepping up its TCG advertising ever since celebrities started taking an interest in it.


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