Destiny 2 is hiding new secrets in the EDZ

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With under a month to go before the conclusion of Season of the Hunt, Bungie appears to be keeping to its schedule given the discovery of two secrets hiding in Destiny 2.

For those who would rather avoid spoilers, this is your chance to close this page.

Everybody who wants to remain in the dark gone? Let’s get into it.

The first secret was discovered quickly after the weekly reset on Tuesday.

In the area that you may have already visited during the Hawkmoon quest that sits below the final room in the Lake of Shadows Strike, a door has opened.

Players are prompted to “Commune with the Traveler” and will then hear some dialogue about a ship Crow is hiding from Spider. Finding the ship yields more dialogue which is of interest and worth listening to.

Inside this room where you find the ship there are no interactive objects. At least not yet.

In the same area, you will find a tunnel that has collapsed which leads to the Hallowed Rift. This is interesting as this is the area players explore during the final mission for Hawkmoon.

The second secret is perhaps the more interesting one.

In Trostland, on the far right of where players spawn in is the ABS Kastner building that you use to access the area mentioned above. On the second floor of this building is a fireplace that has been boarded up. Equip Hawkmoon, shoot the wall of the fireplace and it will open.

Open says me.

Behind the wall is a series of cramped tunnels which end with a half open notebook facing a chair. Except that’s not all.

Just before the chair a second path can be followed that leads to a red door.

As with the room holding the ship, there is no interactive object in this room though the closed door is interesting, as is the panel beside it.

Puzzle solvers assemble

Given the timeline of recent years, this appears to be more than new areas to explore. At around this time in the last two years players have solved Niobe Labs and the Corridors of Time puzzles leading us to believe that these secrets being uncovered are more than they seem.

There are many theories at the moment regarding what this could be about and the best guess is that whatever the end of these tunnels leads to is a chance to farm for random rolls on Hawkmoon.

To keep up with new developments we recommend checking out the Raid Secrets sub-Reddit here. Current theories regarding the opening of the door revolve around levers and switches scattered throughout the areas but as of time of writing, it’s unclear how to interact with these objects.

Given that we’re currently in a bit of a dead patch as regards Destiny 2 content (this is normal given the seasonal structure) we suspect that something is coming.

What that something is though remains to be seen.

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz writes news, reviews, and opinion pieces for Hypertext. His interests include SMEs, innovation on the African continent, cybersecurity, blockchain, games, geek culture and YouTube.