GTA V actors return to remake the ‘Lamar roasts Franklin” scene

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If you’ve been on the internet at all in the last month or so you’ve no doubt come across variations of Lamar roasts Franklin – remixes of a memorable cutscene from Grand Theft Auto V. Now the joke has seemingly reached its zenith as the actors behind the two characters have returned to remake the video in live action.

Actors Slink Johnson (Lamar) and Shawn Fonteno (Franklin) have appeared in a video hosted on the PlayStation Haven YouTube channel embedded below.

As you probably guessed this is very close to the scene in the game. Not only do the actors still do the voice of the characters, but the acting itself is the same. This isn’t too surprising considering that the pair also did motion capture for GTA V.

Whoever was in charge of putting this together also did a great job finding a house and neighbourhood which mirrors the one in the game where the cutscene takes place.

We have to give the obligatory warning about strong language here.

If you want to see how close the above is compared to the cutscene several comparison videos already exist. Here’s one now.

Those who become the subjects of memes usually respond to it in some way but this mostly reminds us of the time Barak Obama himself did the “thanks, Obama” bit himself.

If you’ve somehow not seen the other, usually very creative riffs on Lamar roasts Franklin we’ve got some for you to watch. Here’s Franklin being roasted by Darth Vadar, Star Wars Battle Droids, Chop the dog, Mickey Mouse, Optimus Prime, Vegeta, Harry Potter and, well, no one. If there’s anyone either fictional or real there’s a chance that someone has edited them into this scene already.

While we’ll likely see more creativity poured into this idea in the future many are saying the joke has now come full circle with the original actors involved. On to the next meme, we suppose.

Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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